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Hey all!!!! My Blog and Website have moved to feliciafollum.com  Be sure to head on over!!!  

About Me

Bio - Under Construction

2012 - I am a social justice artist.

2010 - My name is Felicia Follum. I am a graphic designer and artist. I love working on the computer but also love working with my hands.

I know that I want to do art of some sort for my entire life. I also know that I want to work with people. One dream that I have is to open or work for some sort of music venue, whose main goal is to help people. The venue would offer art classes, art therapy classes, and a place to display work. It could also offer life skills classes such as cooking and sewing. The Venue would work closely with the homeless community and troubled or alternative youth cultures. It could also serve as a hub for organizations like AA and Young Life. I would be the resident artist and run the gallery space as well as have a studio and teach various lessons.

The venue would allow for a great combination of interaction with people, graphic design of promotional materials and identity, and crafty DIY projects to work on with the kids who attend the venue.

I am starting this blog to “get my name out there” but more to track my progress and learn about what I want to do with art and design. I also would like a place to keep my project ideas, lesson plans, resources, thoughts, inspirational designers, and whatever else may apply to art in my life.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com