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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watercolor Travel Kit

This is the travel kit that I will be taking to India with me.

 Watch the video to see how I fit all of my watercolor paints, water, two bowls, an eraser and even a brush in this little guy.

 You can also hear a bit about where I have taken my watercolor travel kit.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tattoos, Tattoos, + More Tattoos

As I am sure you know, I have been working on my tattoo sleeve for a while now. Though it is composed and inspired by mostly my artwork and photography a huge part of the process has included researching hundreds of tattoo photos.

I have been sharing some of these fun tattoo images on my personal Facebook page and people just seemed to love them so I figured I would share them on my blog as well. I hope you all enjoy this uniquely beautiful and fascinating art form.

Just Some Plain, Rad Tattoo Art

Here are some more of the craziest and coolest 3D tattoos 

Celebrity Tattoos

               Source: likes.com via Felicia Follum Art+ on Pinterest

Ok, So I am not a 1D fan but have ya seen Harry's MASSIVE butterfly tattoo?  


Every piece of ink has a story to tell and that's just the case with these absolutely insane gang tattoos

The only thing worse than a painful tattoo, is a painfully mis-spelled tattoo! 

And Some Crazy Piercings 

Why would you put a hole there?

You can also find me on YouTube.com

Links found via mylikes.com.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taking a Short Break

Hey all and thank you so much for subscribing and/or visiting my blog. You make all the difference on here. I am sad to inform you that I will be taking a break from updating my blog....There is a time for everything (well except blogging). I am currently finding that I am not dedicating enough time to this art blog. I will be taking a short break which means that my regular Sunday/Thursday posts will be put on hold.

But I'm not really going anywhere...

You can still find me on Facebook, PinterestTwitterInstagramETSYYouTube and of course my website. See I'm still around.

To learn more about #TheLilyPadProject check out this YT video
And I will be blog posting sporadically and uploading Vlogs to YouTube. Be sure to check those out and subscribe. Some of my vlog topics include my art (of course),  art jobs, and my new dreadlocks. I am always taking requests so head on over, request a video, subscribe and show me some love.

I will be back probably after summer...keep reading...

Well actually I am going somewhere....

As you may or may not know I will be in India for a month this summer. I expect to be making art like a crazy person for a few weeks after and we will see where things go from there....

PS A whole bunch of DO's and just one DON'T

DON'T try to contact me via Pinterest (I have way too many updates to keep track of on there)

DO check my boards out :)

Do subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Do request videos

Do find me on the other places online and share your artwork or just come say HI!

Srping/Summer Questions Inspired by YouTube

I teach a blogging class at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts. As a part of the class we are creating posts based on TAGs from YouTube. As a class we created a list of questions inspired by several TAG post questions and picked our favorites from that list. I am creating this post to share with my students. I may create a YouTube video as well so be sure to check out and follow my channel. Below are my favorite five questions from the list.

In this post I will use several of the techniques we are studying including lists, story, photography, link roundup, recommendation/review, and tips. I hope you enjoy!

What are your favorite spring/summer accessories?
(example of a List post)

Scarves with tank tops
Scarves with long sleeves
Scarves with puffy vests
Scarves wrapped around my head
Cut t-shirts with bangle bracelets (my Style and DIY YouTube videos can be found here)
mostly scarves

What is your favorite flower?
(example of a Story post)

My favorite flowers are...well, honestly I love any wild flower. But my absolute favorite flower is a wild orchid. More specifically the red ones that grow on a red and purple stem. And of course there is a story behind my specific love of wild orchids. I went to a flower camp in Colorado with my mother-in-law (at the time soon to be mother-in-law) where we identified one hundred and seventy some wild flowers. We drove to at a 14,000 foot elevation. Thoe whole experience was fantastic. We had a ton of fun with the Colorado old hippy flower laides. My mother-in-law was the youngest by about twenty to thirty years and there was me.

As we ventured we found some orchid species that were completely red and were actually a fungus and not a flower (I'm not a scientist so I won't try to explain much more). These flowers fascinated me. I painted them. I drew them. I went for day hikes to look for them. I went for night hikes scoping them out with my head lamp.

Still over four years later when I am backpacking or camping or hiking I tend to stop to smell, paint, and look at the wildflowers and if I see a red fungal orchid I scream a bit, jump up and down and show everyone on the trail with me as I explain this entire story.

What is spring/summer like where you live?
(ecxample of a Video and Reccomendation/Review post)

Laramie’s weather is pretty crazy….

Though I recommend that you come visit. Check out this video to see why.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with me and my art (I also talk about things like my dreadlocks and art business).
Are you going to go camping or going to camp this summer?
(example of a Photo post)

Yes! Yes! Absolutely! Yes!  I love camping and bacpacking.

One very special reason why I love camping is taking time to be alone in creation. Read more on my sckrlgn blog.

Are you going on vacation or Spring Break?
(example of a Link Roundup)

Yes, I will be traveling to India this summer. I have a couple blog posts about traveling in response to Haiti and I plan to create a couple more. I will most likely create some posts in response (and preparation) for India.

All of my Haiti Posts can be found here.
Past Haiti Trip
A Language Barrier, not a Communication Barrier Pt. 1
A Language Barrier, not a Communication Barrier Pt. 2
I am Thankful for My Water
Syncretism: Mixing of Religions If I were to go back and edit, or rewrite, this blog post I would talk about the difference between culture and religion and where that boundaries is or is perceived to be.
Being Jesus/Love in Haiti
Thomazeau, Haiti
Next Trip...(Things I would Change)
Beauty in The Broken
Life in Haiti
Art Lesson Ideas
Personal Motivation for Travel (to Haiti)

Stay tuned for more India posts!!!

India Trip

This post is an introduction to a series of blog posts in preparation and response to my India trip this summer. I will be adding more but wanted to be able to link to the whole set (which is why this post is so slim). 

Feel free to check out my Haiti Posts to see what I hope to create for India (the Haiti posts are focused on religion, my India posts will focus more on art).

I will also post YouTube videos so be sure to subscribe for more updates.

Monday, April 1, 2013

#TheLilyPadProject Vlog Video

Hey guys!! Be sure to come to my art exhibition #TheLilyPadProject in the next couple weeks.

If you can't make it to Laramie, Wyoming no problem. Host in a local venue. I am always looking for places to share my artwork.

I wanted to share my exhibition Vlog video with you all.  If you haven't found me on YouTube be sure to head over to my channel.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com