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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diabetes: Solutions?

This poster discusses a couple possible actions that can be made to begin the transition to a healthier Native American (and other high risk people groups).

Those living on the reservation do not always have access to the healthiest and best quality foods.  I a large amount of the food is highly processed and uses unhealthy ingredients.

Corn Syrup is one of these unhealthy ingredients that is in a lot of low quality foods.  I found a restaurant on a reservation (I think that it was in Arizona or New Mexico) that grew their own fruits and vegetables.  The goal was to help the community begin to eat healthier. 

In addition to eating habits, some solutions include taking care of your body and over all health.

Even though it is simple to place all of these solutions here and claim to know the answer, the problems surrounding the reservations are much more complex.  The more you learn about the situations and the history, the more complex the problems become.

Do you have any other tips for those who may be at risk for Diabetes?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Diabetes: The Problem

When you begin to look closely at some of the Indian reservations in the US, you begin to see that there truly is real poverty in America.  This is one of six social justice posters in a graphic design series all about the Indian reservations. 

What are some reasons for the high diabetes rates?  Some solutions to specific causes will be addressed in another poster...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Career Options for an Artist are Endless

Art is fun, but it is also hard work. Honestly it is the hardest work I have ever done.
As artists we are constantly being told that “you can’t make money doing that” and “maybe you should get a real job.”

These sayings are misleading and quite honestly become obnoxious.  Of course, art can be a hobby and that may be best for some people, but for others, art is a real job that generates a steady income (yes there are also artists that make $30,000 every 4 – 6 months).  This article is for those of you who want to be a professional working studio artist, with a steady income, but are not quite there. It also applies to those of you who would like to create part-time, study art in a formal education setting or pursue one of several fields in the humanities.

Process of Becoming A Working Artist

If you are in the process of beginning a professional artist career, you may be interested in working part time while you figure out what exactly you need to do to get you art career/business up-and-running.  Which is what I am doing now. Below are some art related and non-art related jobs that could be inspiring but also can help with networking and learning necessary business skills. They could also be long term career options.

You can read about my art jobs here

Art vs. Non Art-Realted Jobs
There are benefits to both art and non-art related jobs.
A job in an arts related field can help “get your name out there” and be incredibly inspiring, while at the same time offer great networking opportunities and awareness of community events and/or venues that could use your skills.  A non arts related job could give you a needed break when you are feeling burnt out or you need some non-art inspiration.  Some of the places I listed below will hire people over Christmas or over the summer.  If you are interested in a short term job, be sure to specify that when you apply.

Continue reading for career lists.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unangst Brink ASUW Campaign

Here is a campaign for Alex Brink and Jaryd Unangst.  Check out their Facebook page or website to learn more about these two candidates.  I know Alex from a variety of organizations including AmeriCorps and The Good Mule Project.  I designed all of the materials below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is Art Necessary for Society?

An older lady, that I met a couple weeks ago, believes that the government should not support art/the arts at all.  It came up because she was in favor of cutting the National Endowment for the Arts (an article from Psychology Today).  I was outraged but managed to stay calm.  I decided to research some reasons why this view is inaccurate and detrimental to our society. 

Innovation as a Nation
My watercolor based on the Weary Blues by
Langston Hughes.  The Harlem Renaissance is
a grand example of the arts playing a huge role
in society.
I began by research the benefits of art in American Society and found that Americans are always wishing we were as smart as those in China, but realized that we forget that the Chinese are always wondering where America’s creativity and innovation come from.  It is clear that our creativity and innovation do not come from getting rid of the arts (I am focusing on Fine art because that is what I am familiar with but I do think that many art forms fit in this broad category of having the ability to generate creative minds) in our society.  Art influences society though politics/political movements, religion, the sciences, and cultural awareness.  Art can have both positive and negative cultural effects on society, which is a reason individuals should be visually literate.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pillow Turorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pillow cover and pillow form from upcycled material.  Click a link to see more about the finished product and to learn more about the Works of Wyoming Gallery and their workshops (click this link for more photos from the workshop).

Materials include a sewing machine (could be done by hand but would be much more difficult), pins, zipper, stuffing (or pillow form) scrap material.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Respect the Arts & Business of Arts Series

This series will feature discussions such as the famous Art vs. Craft debate, what are some good art careers/jobs, how to make a living as an artist, Marketing and Self-Promotional strategies, networking, organization, goal setting, and stereotypes that are believed about artists and by artists. 
I will begin this series by explaining some reasons why art is an integral part of society.  I will then move on to some of the topics above and some new ones of my own.  I do not plan to conclude my research in these specific and related topics, so I think I will continue posting to this series and not really have it end….
Is there anything that you want me to post about?  Please let me know below and I will try.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Sewing Kit

Before you learn to sew you should know what to have in you kit.  Here are 10 items in my sewing kit and 3 I still need.

1. Fabric scissors – I still need these. All I currently have are old scissors. If I ever get some facy material I will get the scissors too.
2. Paper Scisors
3. Pins
4. Black thread
5. White thread
6. Misc thread
7. Pin Cushion I made with my grandma
8. Sewing needles
9. Straight Pins
What I still need to add
10. Chalk
11. I probably should get a thimble
12. Pinking shears – I still need these too. I was recently able to see the magic.
13. Seem ripper – I still need one and keep forgetting to pick up even a cheap one…

I also have misc fabric to sew on and old clothes to upcycle.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upcycled Shopping Bag Tutorial

Here is where the basic idea came from these bags came from.  I tweaked it quite a bit.

My bags are upcycled from old mens dress shirts from the free area in our apartment.

Gotta love the free area!

Supplies you will need are fabric, scissors, pins, a needle and thread.  Some additional supplies I used were included chalk (a pencil or pen will work), a sewing machine, a safety pin, an iron and ironing board.  You could also use a ruler but I didn't. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 Upcycling Projects I Would Like to Try

I love love love researching and looking for new projects to try.  I figured I would share some of my findings with you guys.  Many of these will make great gifts and be fun, simple projects.

The projects are handmade paper, a T-shirt patch, a purse organizer, picture frames and a skirt from a pillowcase.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Curcuit Board Isprired Art

This project was from my Drawing III class where we explored a variety of mediums and pushed the definitions of what drawing is and can be.  My other circuits piece was also from the same class.

Although we did not focus on the basic terminology of design, this would be a great project to do so

What you will need: heavy paper, gesso, paint, ink, water color.  You could really use anything that makes marks and a surface that makes sense with that medium.

First you take the prepared drawing surface and you draw all over it.  I made what started as ambiguous shapes and ended up adding detail to create music notes and circuity-like objects.

After you draw on the first piece, cut or tear it up and rearrange the objects in a way that creates an interesting composition.  I mounted mine of mat board.

Here is one of the final pieces that I came up with.  I mostly used ink, graphite, and pastels.
 See below for some modifications to this project.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figure Show: Go Naked! Go Clothed! Go Figure!

This piece is also for sale in the WOW gallery! 
Go check it out.
It will be up until April 1

My drawing that got into the show.  This one is actually from 10th grade.
It is a long story as to why...maybe I will tell it another day.
Felicia Follum – Untitled Drawing
 Artist Statement

I am currently a senior studying Graphic Design and Art at University of Wyoming.  From the time I was a little girl, I have wanted to be an artist and am happy to say that this dream is coming true.  One of my main goals is to use my art to help, and work with, people.  I have had the opportunities to give private art lessons to young kids and to work with an art therapist.  Both of these experiences have given me the chance to see the power that art has on an individual and in society as a whole.
In school, I focus on conceptual design and believe this often carries through to my other work.  I love creating work that makes a statement about society and believe that figure drawing is a wonderful way to begin a dialogue about what it means to be human.  This fifteen-minute gesture drawing was created when I was in high school; before I had taken the drawing class that would help me develop this dialog further.
In addition to the challenge of working with a live figure, there is also the sense of understanding the beauty and design of the human form.  In a life drawing class you memorize all of the muscles and bone groups in the body.  As you study the figure from the inside out, you begin to understand the purpose of the forms we live in.  A major problem in popular culture is the idea that we need to conform to a certain stereotype, and if we don’t we often feel or are told that we aren’t good enough.  Our bodies were not created so that we could perfect them; they were designed to walk, talk, breath, process food, do yoga, go rock climbing, hold hands, and a variety of other activities.  Through life drawing, I have gained an understanding that every body is different and that real people are much more beautiful than the airbrushed and over sexualized ideals we are forced to see on a daily basis.
My poster design and another one of my drawings.

Pillow Project

One of my goals is to teach workshops, or classes, to people.  My dream job would be to do this with troubled youth or homeless for the purpose of either art therapy or to teach a trade of some sort.  For my internship, I have had several opportunities to help teach calsses, in-part for the purpose of learning more about how a workshop would be set up.

I helped with a class at the Works of Wyoming Gallery a couple weekends ago.  The class was taught by Bren Lieske.  While there, I took photographs and helped a couple participants.  I also made my boss a blue pillow to match her new artwork.

Helping with this workshop also helped me solidify the idea that I would really like to lead workshops in the future.  I have given graphic design and art lessons.  Maybe I could combine the tow and lead an Intro to PhotoShop workshop.  We will see...

Here are some of the photos of the finished products.  All of the ladies had a good time and many are excited for the next sewing workshop.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Upcycled T-shirt Scarves and Neclaces

Though I am a social/political fine artists, I do still have periods of time where I just want to be creative and take a break from my more serious work.  I love upcycling and the idea of making something beautiful out of something we would otherwise throw away.  Here is one of my favorite projects to create during the times between heavy social/political research and project creation.  T-shirt scarves/necklaces.

I have seen these all over the place (well in upcycling and DIY YouTube videos and websites) so I decided to start making them myself.  Every time I wear one of mine I get multiple compliments and I am going to share my secret with you..

All you need is an old T-shirt, good scissors.  I like to use fabric glue, charms, beads, and fabric scraps (can be from your t shirt).
Instruction and more images below.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Upcycled Shopping Bag

Here is my new grocery bag that can go in my purse, or your purse if you want to buy, or make one. : )
Let me know if you do.
See how small it gets.  There is still a lot more room; I plan to make the next one smaller when stffed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Upcycled Magazine Boxes - Tutorial

I began this upcycleing project as a way to help me organize some of my art supplies. I have a bunch of old magazines that I use for various projects. I also have these gorgeous (well they have character) red shelves that are mostly empty. My projects have not been keeping up with my magazine stash, my art supplies were a mess, and the shelves were nearly empty...so I decided to make these cute boxes that would fit perfectly in the shelves.  Keep reading for a tutorial.

This would be a fun project to do with a group of girls.  It would work well if i ever worked at a residential treatment facility again.  : )