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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pillow Project

One of my goals is to teach workshops, or classes, to people.  My dream job would be to do this with troubled youth or homeless for the purpose of either art therapy or to teach a trade of some sort.  For my internship, I have had several opportunities to help teach calsses, in-part for the purpose of learning more about how a workshop would be set up.

I helped with a class at the Works of Wyoming Gallery a couple weekends ago.  The class was taught by Bren Lieske.  While there, I took photographs and helped a couple participants.  I also made my boss a blue pillow to match her new artwork.

Helping with this workshop also helped me solidify the idea that I would really like to lead workshops in the future.  I have given graphic design and art lessons.  Maybe I could combine the tow and lead an Intro to PhotoShop workshop.  We will see...

Here are some of the photos of the finished products.  All of the ladies had a good time and many are excited for the next sewing workshop.

If you wanted this product to be upcycled, these pillows could be made out of old clothing, curtains or any other material.


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