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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diabetes: Solutions?

This poster discusses a couple possible actions that can be made to begin the transition to a healthier Native American (and other high risk people groups).

Those living on the reservation do not always have access to the healthiest and best quality foods.  I a large amount of the food is highly processed and uses unhealthy ingredients.

Corn Syrup is one of these unhealthy ingredients that is in a lot of low quality foods.  I found a restaurant on a reservation (I think that it was in Arizona or New Mexico) that grew their own fruits and vegetables.  The goal was to help the community begin to eat healthier. 

In addition to eating habits, some solutions include taking care of your body and over all health.

Even though it is simple to place all of these solutions here and claim to know the answer, the problems surrounding the reservations are much more complex.  The more you learn about the situations and the history, the more complex the problems become.

Do you have any other tips for those who may be at risk for Diabetes?


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