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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figure Show: Go Naked! Go Clothed! Go Figure!

This piece is also for sale in the WOW gallery! 
Go check it out.
It will be up until April 1

My drawing that got into the show.  This one is actually from 10th grade.
It is a long story as to why...maybe I will tell it another day.
Felicia Follum – Untitled Drawing
 Artist Statement

I am currently a senior studying Graphic Design and Art at University of Wyoming.  From the time I was a little girl, I have wanted to be an artist and am happy to say that this dream is coming true.  One of my main goals is to use my art to help, and work with, people.  I have had the opportunities to give private art lessons to young kids and to work with an art therapist.  Both of these experiences have given me the chance to see the power that art has on an individual and in society as a whole.
In school, I focus on conceptual design and believe this often carries through to my other work.  I love creating work that makes a statement about society and believe that figure drawing is a wonderful way to begin a dialogue about what it means to be human.  This fifteen-minute gesture drawing was created when I was in high school; before I had taken the drawing class that would help me develop this dialog further.
In addition to the challenge of working with a live figure, there is also the sense of understanding the beauty and design of the human form.  In a life drawing class you memorize all of the muscles and bone groups in the body.  As you study the figure from the inside out, you begin to understand the purpose of the forms we live in.  A major problem in popular culture is the idea that we need to conform to a certain stereotype, and if we don’t we often feel or are told that we aren’t good enough.  Our bodies were not created so that we could perfect them; they were designed to walk, talk, breath, process food, do yoga, go rock climbing, hold hands, and a variety of other activities.  Through life drawing, I have gained an understanding that every body is different and that real people are much more beautiful than the airbrushed and over sexualized ideals we are forced to see on a daily basis.
My poster design and another one of my drawings.


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