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Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY Upcyceled Book #2

Here is the second book that I created.  There are still a few kinks that I will work out.  The inside pages crinkled a bit.  I am planning on using nicer paper.  The cover is cloth.  I bought it for a Christmas present but I think that I might try some old t-shirts, jeans or miscellaneous paper. The binding is made out of cardboard from a box that we used the last time we moved.

Front cover

Center Pages

Back Cover

I will post a tutorial on my other blog (sckrlgn).  I will try to have it up by January.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Illuminate Your Mind

 This CD Packaging is based on secrets.  I decided to focus on large scale secrets and conspiracies.  Some of the largest secrets revolve around the Illuminati's plan of world domination.  The purpose of this CD is to expose people to the ways that this secret group and others are taking over main stream culture through brainwashing.  One of the most common ways that this brainwashing takes place is through media, specifically the music we listen to.

The CD consists of music that incorporates the technique of backmasking.  Some were on purpose and some were not.  The song titles are the words that are being said in the back masking areas.  To discover the real song and artist you must use the decoder to decipher the secret code.  The CD also has a secret track that plays backmasked portions of the songs.  The links below will take you to some of the backmasked portions.

Jay - Z  - This one is pretty messed up.  It was clearly done on purpose.
The Beatles - A large variety of backmasked messages.  Many are humorous.
Stairway to Heaven -

Here is a secret compartment.  Several people in my class didn't find it as this package was being passed around the room.  I explain more about this in my website.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

These are a couple Christmas tree decorations I made.  I have been selling jewelery and have been on a paper bead making kick.  I decided to use these paper beads to create something other than jewelry and this is my first creation.  I created about six of them as I learned how.  I will be posting a tutorial on my sckrlgn blog.  I think I will try to get it up in mid December.  For now...enjoy.

Alchemy and the Elixer of Life

The concept for our brewery was based on alchemy and the four alchemist elements (earth, air, fire and water).  The main goal of alchemy was to create both gold and the elixir of life. The goal of alchemy was to produce gold. At Aurum Brewery we combine hops, grain, yeast and water to create the best elixir possible.

The logo is based off of the symbol for life and the symbol for gold.  The horseshoe is the alchemist life symbol and a circle with the spike and the two curly shapes is based on a symbol for gold

To read more about the beer designs and the rest of our project, check out my website.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Another Self-pormo idea...

I love this series of posters. Check them out!

Promotional Posters
I am not sure where these were posted but creating posters for myself and services could be beneficial.
I really liked the idea of placing business cards in books that are related to your field.
Maybe these posters could be placed in books as well...

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Top 5 Logo Inspiration Sites for Today

Find out who designed these famous logos and more

And a bonus site...

Who created this logo (Kroger)?

I'll give you a hint, he came to speak at UW this semester.


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