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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Illuminate Your Mind

 This CD Packaging is based on secrets.  I decided to focus on large scale secrets and conspiracies.  Some of the largest secrets revolve around the Illuminati's plan of world domination.  The purpose of this CD is to expose people to the ways that this secret group and others are taking over main stream culture through brainwashing.  One of the most common ways that this brainwashing takes place is through media, specifically the music we listen to.

The CD consists of music that incorporates the technique of backmasking.  Some were on purpose and some were not.  The song titles are the words that are being said in the back masking areas.  To discover the real song and artist you must use the decoder to decipher the secret code.  The CD also has a secret track that plays backmasked portions of the songs.  The links below will take you to some of the backmasked portions.

Jay - Z  - This one is pretty messed up.  It was clearly done on purpose.
The Beatles - A large variety of backmasked messages.  Many are humorous.
Stairway to Heaven -

Here is a secret compartment.  Several people in my class didn't find it as this package was being passed around the room.  I explain more about this in my website.


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