Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Sewing Kit

Before you learn to sew you should know what to have in you kit.  Here are 10 items in my sewing kit and 3 I still need.

1. Fabric scissors – I still need these. All I currently have are old scissors. If I ever get some facy material I will get the scissors too.
2. Paper Scisors
3. Pins
4. Black thread
5. White thread
6. Misc thread
7. Pin Cushion I made with my grandma
8. Sewing needles
9. Straight Pins
What I still need to add
10. Chalk
11. I probably should get a thimble
12. Pinking shears – I still need these too. I was recently able to see the magic.
13. Seem ripper – I still need one and keep forgetting to pick up even a cheap one…

I also have misc fabric to sew on and old clothes to upcycle.