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Friday, March 11, 2011

Curcuit Board Isprired Art

This project was from my Drawing III class where we explored a variety of mediums and pushed the definitions of what drawing is and can be.  My other circuits piece was also from the same class.

Although we did not focus on the basic terminology of design, this would be a great project to do so

What you will need: heavy paper, gesso, paint, ink, water color.  You could really use anything that makes marks and a surface that makes sense with that medium.

First you take the prepared drawing surface and you draw all over it.  I made what started as ambiguous shapes and ended up adding detail to create music notes and circuity-like objects.

After you draw on the first piece, cut or tear it up and rearrange the objects in a way that creates an interesting composition.  I mounted mine of mat board.

Here is one of the final pieces that I came up with.  I mostly used ink, graphite, and pastels.
 See below for some modifications to this project.


Transformation - To make this an art therapy project, have the client scribble/draw on the paper.  Then tear or cut it up, and rearrange it.  When you rearrange it make the composition something beautiful by adding more color and/or detail.

Channeling Emotion - Instead of pushing the idea that good things can come from bad, you could use the idea that anger and negative emotions can be channeled into positive behaviors (art).  This piece would not need to be forced into being "beautiful" in the end.

Young Children - Last summer I gave art lessons to a seven year old boy.  If I work with him again this summer I will modify this project by first simplifying the materials.  When I have him rearrange the tiles we will discuss movement and rhythm from one section to another.  We may also talk about unity and variety, composition, and other basic art terms that come up.


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