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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pillow Turorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pillow cover and pillow form from upcycled material.  Click a link to see more about the finished product and to learn more about the Works of Wyoming Gallery and their workshops (click this link for more photos from the workshop).

Materials include a sewing machine (could be done by hand but would be much more difficult), pins, zipper, stuffing (or pillow form) scrap material.


Cut out a pattern.  We used wrapping paper.
When you cut your pattern you want to allow for 1/2 inch seam.
For a 14x14 inch pillow your pattern will be 15x15.
To make the pattern reusable and sturdy add lamination paper to one side.
  If you want two colors in the finished product, fold the square in half, creating a triangle.  
Cut a 1 inch strip and tape it to the long edge of the triangle so that 1/2 of it sticks over the edge.

Take a piece of material and cut out a square and a triangle of one color.  Take a second color and cut out a second triangle.  If you would like to make a pillow form cut out a square that is 1 inch smaller than the pillow cover.
 The pillow form is traditionally white but could be made in any color.  
To create the body form, pin and sew three sides together.
Turn in inside out (right side out) so that the seams are hidden, then you can stuff it and hand or machine sew the last section closed.
Back to the Pillow cover...
Sew the two triangles together along the long edge, to create a square.  
This square should now be the same side as you other square.

To add a zipper, follow these instructions:
Take the two Squares right sides together and sew using the largest straight stitch possible. 
This seam will be ripped out later and zipper will show through.
Take the zipper and place it on the inside of this seam so that it is facing out.
Tape it down using scotch tape.
Sew the zipper into place.  
Now, rip the seam out so that you can see and use the zipper through that hole.
Place the right sides together again and sew all three edges.

If you do not want a zipper follow these instructions:
Sew one edge of the pillow together, right sides together. 
Open it up and fold one long edge over and sew, do this again to create a finished edge.
Close the pillowcase again, right sides together and sew the other two sides leaving the finished edge unsewn. 
Here is the finished cover.
Turn right side out and place on pillow form.
Trim the strings.
Click here to see more finished samples.


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