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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where I Come From...

There is no hiding that artists use the world around them to inspire and influence their work. Our environments shape us into who we are. 

To be honest, I am currently not sure how place is impacting my work but I am hopeful and expectant that one day I will be able to write a response to this post and explain exactly how (or least have a better understanding of how) place has played a role in my art and shaping who I have become.

This post will show you some of my favorite places from where I have lived and where I am currently living. 

In the future I will share a post about "Where I am Going" which will include our upcoming move, but for now, I will share some of what I find beautiful about Wyoming and South Dakota.

The Black Hills of South  Dakota

I lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota from the time I was born through high school. 

The Black Hills are absolutely awe-inspiring. 

Outlaw Ranch and AMR are my home
A late night camp fire complete with life stories and philosophy is one of my favorite things. It's part of why I call myself a Church Camp Lutheran, I suppose. 

Sunrise hike with several thunderstorms surrounding us
Just some clouds
Gravity biking with my best friend from high school.

 What is gravity biking? Take the pedals off of a BMX bike, replace with PBC pipe for your knees and put your feet on the pegs and you are ready.

Rapid City South Dakota

Rapid City is the town I went to high school in.

Art Alley is one of my favorite places in Rapid City
Artist painting 
Just a bit of the work 

The next place I will share about is the state that I am currently living in and call home.


Though Yellowstone is on the other side of the state, it is most certainly worth the drive.

Grand Prismatic Springs

Honey Bee Geyser, I think

Next I will share some places right outside of where we live.  The Snowy Range and Vedauwoo. Both are natural beauties, one is very unique and the other majestic. 

The Snowy Range Mountains

The Snowy's are one of our favorite places to go hiking and walk around. It is about a 20 minute drive West of Laramie. You can see some of our fun FB photos here.

Snowy Mountains

More Snowy's


Vedauwoo is locate about 20 minutes out of Laramie in the other direction. This place is a rock climbers dream come true.

More Vedauwoo

As you may have gathered, I love the outdoors (more summer photos here) and have been fortunate to grow up surrounded by some truly incredible places. Though my artwork is not predominately nature based, the influence it has had on me is present in much of my work. Being surrounded by creation has certainly helped develop my spiritual and social beliefs which do play a part in my art...but more on that and my art in other posts.


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