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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Exposição de Arte: Week 3

One evening a super close Brazilian friend took us to an art reception. The art was wonderful.

I really enjoyed watching Alex and the other Brazilians look at the work. 

It opened a window into Brazilian culture. Alex spent nearly 15 - 20 minutes looking at and thinking about a drawing in the first room. Though he may not have spent that much time looking at all the works, he did spend much more time than Americans. I don't think he ever made to the entire show. 

The idea of time and how we relate to it is very different in North and South American cultures and this certainly could be seen in the way we view our art.

This piece was one of my favorites.

I absolutely loved the experience and the space as well. It was in an old abandoned beer warehouse with walls that seemed to have been built for this specific show. (Though of course it's possible that they were site specific pieces.)

 I hope to return to see the other exhibition. 
I would also like to talk to some of the artists a bit as well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Protests: week 2

Some of the protest signs we saw in Joinville...


lutou contra o fascismo nas ruas,
contra o racismo
contra a homofobia
contra a alienação religiosa
contra a corrupção estatal
contra,  o capitalismo maquiavélico
contra, o especismo praticado aos animais
morreu em pé. vivieu e lutou
pela liberdade humana e animal
da tirania e do poder opressor de
poucos sobre muitos.
estará vivo em nossas mentes.
batendo forte em nossos corações e
presente em nossos punhos erguidos.
"nem todo irmão é companheiro,
mas todo companheiro será sempre um grande irmão".

Inglês: I used the help of google for parts of this so any corrections would be appreciated ;)


fought against fascism in the streets,
against racism
against homophobia
against religious alienation
against state corruption
against the Machiavellian capitalism
against speciesism practiced on animals
died standing. vivieu and fought
by animal and human freedom
of tyranny and oppressive power
few over the many.
will be alive in our minds.
  pounding in our hearts and
This raised our fists.
"every brother is not mate,
but every companion will always be a big brother. "

Journal From July 1st

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jungle Pick-Nick: Week 3

Wow today was such a great day! We had a pick-nick with our kiddoes in a jungle for US Brazil Connect

I have this strange fascination with banana trees and today was my first actual hike through trails lined with banana trees and tropical flowers. In the following weeks there were more gorgeous hikes to follow, including one to a gorgeous waterfall. I should have some good video from that adventure. 
I think I will get another chance to go on a hike before leaving this beautiful and inspiring country.

We played volleybal, ate, sang karaoke, and hiked a beautiful trail in the jungle. 

I had a blast on the bus ride and at the pick-e nick-e with my students.   

I will share a blog about what happens on the back of Brazilian school buses. But for now, check out my YouTube videos.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dhanyavaad Doston - I had a great year with you all!

I typed a thank you in Hindi that I planned to read at the going away party but forgot it :( and I'm pretty sure it actually made no sense...as I shared it online to have it proofread and was told it didn't make sense (when I get back to the US I will share it anyways. Ok well, when I find my computer)
I wanted to thank you all for welcoming Jim and I into your community. It was really special to be a part of your family. I've heard missionaries, and less often but other travelers as well, talk about going somewhere and being welcomed into the culture.
I now have a better understanding of how special that really is. There is a difference between hanging out and getting to know people and really being a part of it all and I feel like you guys blessed us with the opportunity to really be a part of your lives and culture.
It's funny becuase after returning to Wyoming I was seriously considering grad school at Khala Bhavan. But when we realized it was a longer program than I had originally thought we decided against it. This past year, though in Wyoming (possibly the place on earth that is the least like India), I really was able to experience a mini-India and it was beautiful. I learned so much about food, culture, religion, languages, social norms, cricket, and fell even more in love with your culture and people.
I began by wanting to learn Hindi. I honestly belive my goals desires changed to simply being friends and sharing life which was so beautiful.
I will never forget my last year in Wyoming and the times that we shared. I love each and every one of you guys. 
See Dhanyavaad Doston Pt 2 which I talk about being homesick from Indian culture while in Brazil.http://feliciafollum.blogspot.com/2014/08/dhanyavaad-doston-saudades-pt-2.html?m=1


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