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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why We Must Kill Those Bastards: An Essay by General Nathan Bedford Forrest

This book began with a lot of play (you might not have guessed that from the content).  I wanted to see how I could play with form and pages of a book created from one sheet of paper folded to create pages.  It ended as a very strong piece showing some of the hatred our country was built on.

This essay was written by General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Civil War hero and found of the KKK, about why the Klansmen needed to fight against Negros, Jews, carpetbaggers and a variety of other hated people groups.  This essay plays on the fear and ignorance that if they don't fight to the extent that we are willing to kill anyone who is not a white Christian with the same cultural background, they will loose everything. 

This essay was found in a book compiled of the essays of various Klan leaders.  Some gave the history but many really focused on the core values.  This book really helped me gain an understanding of the psychology behind racism.

Much like the modern day Klan the original Klan was formed on the foundational values of hatred, ignorance, and racism disguised as self-love.


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