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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pat Jones and Nebraska Pledge

For todays post, a seemingly politically neutral painting :)
Lily Pads
Felicia Follum
Aprox 18x48 in (will measure soon)
Hang ready print on canvas

I absolutely love teaching art. But to be honest I am not a fan of some of the drama surrounding public schools which plays a large role in why I did not get an Art Education degree. You can check out my YT videos (and many other posts on my art) to see more about how I am still using my art degree to educate and help others.
This post is being written response to the backlash against a small town Superintendent, Pat Jones of Alliance Nebraska. I wanted to share the real story, some links to show how much this was all blown out of proportion, and my response in hopes of sharing the other side of the Pledge story.

Quote by Marcy Jones, Pat Jones' wife.

"AND NOW THE REST OF THE STORY . . . 1st, a quote by Mark Twain: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” On Monday, Oct 7 Pat Jones read the usual daily school announcements, but because of the unprecedented happenings in Washington DC and the state of the nation he said that with the government shut down he would not be leading the students in the pledge of allegiance. That was all that was said. That did not mean the students could not say the pledge or that teachers could not lead their students. He just wanted them to think. The next day at the end of the announcements he reminded the students that he had not said the pledge the day before and he had hoped it made them think about the shutdown with the government, how it impacted so many people, and what it meant to be a good citizen. He went on to talk about it a little more then invited the students to join him in the pledge; it was a civics lesson, short and simple. From what we hear one student told his mother that Dr. Jones said they couldn’t say the pledge ever again and anybody who did would be suspended. So supposedly she put that on Facebook, called whoever she wanted to call and now this ridiculous thing has gone coast to coast. Pat is literally getting calls and threats from throughout the country. Yes really. That’s it!" 

Check out the following links to read how this story is being portrayed in the online media world. 

It is always wise to get the whole story before making accusations that could have serious impacts on peoples lives.

And finally, my FB response to the whole ordeal 

If you know much about Pat Jones, you would understand his deep interest and love for the study of politics, government, and his knowledgeable love for our country**. He loves sharing this (and his more widely known passion for music) with the kids her works with. It is beautiful to see a principle treating his students with enough dignity and respect to encourage them to think for themselves about important issues. And from knowing his character, it seems clear that his intentions were none other than that.

I am sure that the kids who really questioned what was going on and why they were given the option of standing up on their own have learned a lesson (possibly one of the few) that will stick with them in the long run.

**Though I am not sure of the actual degree and class names. I do know that Pat studied Political Science (as a minor in college, I believe) and for his first teaching gig he taught Government (at a small school so I'm not sure the exact class title). 


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