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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Reception: Why Go?

Why go to an Opening or Closing reception for an art exhibition?

To Learn About The Art
Chances are you do not know a lot about the artwork. You may have seen online pictures and read a bit about the ideas behind the artist and their work online. There is nothing like seeing the work the way the artist intended for it to be seen. Every time I take someone to see my work for the first time they are excited about how different it is to see in real life than it was on FB or my blog. This is true for many famous artists as well. I was never a true Van Gogh fan until seeing him in person.

Art doesn’t become significant in a bubble and most art seems to impact the community that it is created in the most. Attending a local art show allows you to be a part of a unique conversation.

One of y major goals with my art is to encourage dialog about culture and life and often times how to bring about change. All of my art exhibitions have had a social theme holding them together.

Meet The Artist
The most important reason to attend an art exhibition is that it provides a chance to meet the artist, ask questions and dialog with others about the work.

If you are unsure about how to talk about art while at an art reception you are in luck as I will be sharing a post on this topic soon. Check out The Reception: Don't Act a Fool.

If you are an artist attending an exhibition offers an opportunity to network with other creative and art lovers. Oftentimes you can take your sketchbook (with a pencil) and sketch ideas inspired by the exhibition. With the emergence of alternative art spaces this is even more common. Even if sketchbooks are not allowed you can still gain inspiration. Sometimes, I will look at color combinations as well as hanging techniques.

And Finally Food
If none of the art related reasons have convinced you there will often times be appetizers or wine. It always seems as if there is that one person, or in Laramie a specific couple, that goes to every community event serving free food. I will not be offended if you do go just for the food but please don’t make it obvious. Say hello to me and have a nice conversation with others.

I suppose part of the reason I will not be offended is that there is a good chance you will bring a friend and I am certain you will enjoy the and will be glad you attended.

For more reasons to attend one of my openings, check out my past blog post.

I can't wait to see you there!


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