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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why You Should Come to My Art Opening...

Opening: November 10, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: November 8-17
...or at the very least check out and like my page on Facebook.

1. Commitment - I am committed to creating artwork that I am passionate about.

2. You enjoy great artwork - Well great artwork certainly is my goal and I would love to make you a part of the journey.

3. Make new friends - It is always great to get out and meet new people.  An art exhibition is the perfect opportunity.

4. Support the arts - Art is an important part of life. If you cant make it to my show, go to a local art exhibition and/or like my page.

5. Support a good cause - First of all you are supporting the arts and me.  In addition to simply supporting me, and the arts in general, but some other great causes as well.  I tend to have sales where a percentage goes to a charity or specific cause. Like my Facebook page for deals and updates.

6. Passion - I love artwork and I love using my art to make a difference.
Networking - I probably know people that may be able to help you out (and you know people too).

7. Networking - I am an intern for WOW, a professional development center for artists and I always emphasize the significance of networking (in real life).

8. You can teach me something - I love feedback on what art you want to see, but also love critique from other artists.

9. You will learn something new - I tend to focus my work on social issues and often use historical or current events.

10. Entertainment - Artwork is often entertaining and a gallery opening is something fun to attend.

11. Education disguised as entertainment - My formal training is in the field of conceptual graphic design...A lot of research goes into my projects.  I had a high school art teacher who was pretty cynical about our culture.  He was always commenting on how people want to be entertained rather than educated. Art is an opportunity for both education and entertainment.

12. Free art - My business cards for opening night have been custom printed.  There will also be at least one more opportunity for a giveaway.

13. Curiosity - I have given you 13 decent reasons for you to at least be a bit curious about my work. I am guessing you want to know a little bit more about me or my art. I have also been dropping tidbits of info in this blog, about my upcoming show and I am sure that some of them have sparked a bit of interest as well.

Now, why not - you are already on my blog and I am making it simple for you to check out and find my Facebook event page.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com