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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ask Me Anything Monday: Sports

I have been getting some questions as a part the US-Brazil Connect program that I am in. I thought it would be fun to answer them in blog post form...so here goes. Enjoy my "Ask Me Anything Monday" series. Feel free to ask about my life, art, or creative inspiration.

Ohhh I absolutely love snowboarding and softball.
I have snowboarded since I was in 7th grade and skied for that. The town I went to elementary and middle school in was about 20 minutes from a ski resort. We had to take skiing in PE (Physical Education) as kids.

I have also played softball since I was young. Though once you are out of high school there are few opportunites to actually play fast pitch softball so the last year I have started to play cricket. It is a lot of fun and very challenging.


In addition to snowboarding and softball/cricket, I love yoga and dance. I also like golf , riding bikes as well as hiking and backpacking.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com