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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Framing Tip: Work Backwards

I was talking to Brooke at You & I Framin and Gallery as I wad preparing to hang work for sale in her gallery. 

I explained how, for me, the framing is my biggest challenge. If you are like me, framing your work is sometimes overwhelming. You need to mat the work and pick colors or cut mats from scraps, decide whether it's worth paying for full sheets of mat board knowing that you will potentially save you and the buyer a few bucks but at the same time if you mess up then it becomes more expensive. 

There are entirely too many problems and questions when it comes to preparing your work for an exhibition.

Brooke suggested that artists on a budget work backwards. Since the frame is the most expensive aspect of the process, find them in your grandmother's attic, with bad art that can be tossed, on sale, and at yard sales. Once you have the frame you have the largest possible dimensions for your work. And the rest is easy. 

This trick sounded almost too good to be true but I used this tip for my work that went up at You&I and I htink it turned out quite nicely.

Felicia Follum Art+ Artwork in the Kennewick Art Walk at You&I Framing and Gallery
I expected working this way to be limiting but frames of all sizes can be found on sale it really wasn't that much of a restriction at all. I even had a few frames that fit the standard sized pieces of art already.

Great advice! Thank you You&I!


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