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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Past Odd Random and Just Plain Bad Jobs

If you are looking for reasons you shouldn't be an art student of study humanities, this is not the post for you. Most of these jobs were either for fun or before I even graduated high school. I guess if anything the "bad ones" would be reasons to finish high school.

I recently took a personality test for a Bible study I'm in. It was the online free version of Myers-Briggs. If you don't know already, I'm an INFP/ENFP. 
Great Organization and Program

What this all means is that I'm crazy, love people, love excitement, and most everything in life is beautiful to me...I'm also fiercely independent and a free spirit.

There's an online ENFPs group I just joined and we are talking about our jobs. And since we all tend to be free spirits, its an interesting topic.

I thought that in addition to my resume post it would be fun to have an odd jobs post about all the odd (and even bad jobs) I've had as they all shape who I am.

Odd Random and just plain bad jobs
*In no particular order*

14. US-Brazil Connect - I taught English in Brazil for a month this pas summer.

13. Hotel Maid at a hotel where hourlys and weeklies were more common than vacationers and travelers - cleaned up a Crank lab and and hid under the pool during drug deals. I'm not sure that this one should be on line but I learned a lot about people and poverty. This was my first job and a real eye opener. They only get better from here.
Beautiful texture and color photo from Brazil.

12. Pool Girl - loved it

11. Alternative Bible and Book Store - I always got in trouble for reading the books.

10. Camp counselor - no running water or electricity and 40 miles of hiking a week. Church camp songs and fires. Home cooked food and sleeping im a teepee. Yes, please!

9. Day hab teacher at The Cooper Center for Creative Arts for adults with disabilities - 2 years

8. Residential Treatment facility Youth Worker in a deaf house - 1 year

7. AmeriCorps - I used the Education award for traveling.

6. Logo designer for The Wyoming Women's Business Center

5. Works of Wyoming Art Gallery - not really that random

4. Social Media trainer - trained artists on Facebook and blogging

3. Resident Assistant. Need I say more?

2. Corn on the Cob Butter Dipper/Carnie I  actually made bank with this one $17 an hour in high school. Not bad.

1. McDonald’s - 4 and a half years total and I really enjoyed it. Many of my coworkers were good friends

I hope you enjoyed...I'm sure I'll find or remember a number 15 and will be sure to add it.


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