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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Promotional Materials!!

I'm ready to start the new year right with these new giveaway promotional materials! I absolutely love the bookmarks. I've actually made a couple changes to the cards.

It has been neat to give them to people and later see them being used as a bookmark. I know this is the intention but I also know that 88% of business cards just end up lost or in the trash.

Bookmarks get used!

Though many people have gone digital, there are people that still use books. Two examples of books that I see being used are textbooks and Bibles. I'm sure there are more including hipsters, and people like me who just like book stores and curling up with tea and good book.

I also personally believe that bookmarks (if they are being used) are a great way to keep your art and name as a daily part of people's lives.

What other promotional giveaways work well for you and/or your art? What am I missing? What would you change? I plan to do several more small runs with small changes before I order a bunch.

Promotional Giveaway Materials for Felicia Follum Art+


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