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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ed Sherline: Philosopher by Day…

Photograph from Ed Sherline's website
Photographer by Night

It is always great to find new artists and work. It is also fascinating when you find out that the people you know from school, church, or work are talented artists. I ran into one of these people today. My academic advisor for my Humanities and Fine Arts major asked about some of my internships. I told him that I am currently working for the Wyoming Women’s Business Center and volunteering for the Works of Wyoming gallery. He then mentioned that he was also a photographer. Dr. Sherline is like many people who practice art but humbly do not consider themselves working artists simply because art is not a major source of income. I understand and agree that being a working artist is a full-time job but I also think that many of the “hobby artists” out there deserve more credit than they give themselves. To see more of this philosophers (Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Wyoming) photography, visit his website.


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