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Monday, June 6, 2011

Black Politics, Religion and Beauty Show Update

Goals written May 16, 2011

By June 4th I would like to have the following completed.

1. Graffiti Style…Before I leave for Haiti I would like to have all (at least 8) of the sketches finalized for the graffiti section…Maybe even some of the finals started. 

2. Posters…I would also like to have 6 poster drafts on the computer. 

3. Hair care line…ah oh boy…Maybe have a logo. For sure have a strong concept or two. 

4. Have a specific focus (or ideas for what I want to focus on and how to organize everything). 

Check in May 23

1. Graffiti Style - I have 8 sketches that are ready to be worked on.  I would say that 6 sketches are finalized and the rest need more work.  There are two or three more that could be strong with more work.

2. Posters - I have a couple images (drawings) that I would like to use but the specific topics/concepts are not coming through yet.  I need to work more on the posters but am loving the graffiti section, so I think I will keep working on that until I need a break.

3. Hair Care Line - I have three concepts that are decent but no sketches or logos.  I might continue to research.

4. One wall Religion.  One wall Black Beauty.  And one wall Graffiti Style (I'm not telling people what exactly this means yet.  : )

Check in May 30

1.  I have eight different drawings and several copies of some...Woot

2.  I did bend the rules on this.  I have five for this show and about three for other social issues.

3.  I have a couple mediocre undeveloped almost concepts. I didn't research and I feel like I have less done than last week...I guess it is possible.

4.  I have a couple ideas, but it looks like my overall focus areas are changing and I am not sure how it will all work out in the end.  I have a couple that relate to religion but more on White Privilege and Black Beauty, than religion.  The graffiti wall is still a go.

June 4th


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