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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portraits from Haiti

After returning from Haiti, I am certainly excited to use all that I saw in my future art projects. Everything was fascinating and incredibly inspirational.  I saw everything from the extreme poverty of downtown Port-au-Prince to the beautiful rice fields and mountains surrounding the village of Thoumazea. Be sure to check out my Haiti journal and my photographs see more of my images and thoughs.

It is still difficult to define what exactly will be translated into artwork but it is almost certain that something will come from the trip (well some photographs have already). When you are surrounded by intense beauty, sadness, poverty, joy, and as well as a completely new culture and language, it seems that something must come from it.

Here are some portrait photographs I took while in the village of Thomazeau.  These are just some of the kids that I was able to spend time with.  We made paper beads and bracelets.  (I will post about the art lessons here soon)  40% of all sales will go back to Haiti. Comment on this blog or on my Facebook Page for more information about purchasing and/or use of the images.

I have some photos that I will be posting in the future that help us to understand more about the devastation of the Haiti earthquake and show some of the after math.  Some others will depict the politics, beauty, and religions of the area.

If you would like to purchase or use these images please contact me and I will get you the file/print.  Remember 40% or more of all proceeds will go back to the village and children in the photo.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com