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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marketing Ideas

Marketing is essential to the art field (and many ohters).  I found some fun and creative ideas to try out.  I hope you enjoy.

Here is a list from a previous post of mine.

Marketing calendar - when to use various techniques (great techniques)

This QR Code Resume is one of the best resumes I have ever seen.  This idea could certainly be used in marketing (and has been).  The trick is to find a new way to use it. 

Do you have an obsession with Marketing?  I actually don't according to this list.

Sub-Marketing - This is a new term to me, but it seems like a useful concept.

Guerilla Marketing and Banksy - I have an idea similar to this, where I would convince others to do some of the dirty work....but I'm not giving the details here

This marketing idea is great.  It is a great way to use social media.  Granata dog food used Foursquare and Facebook.  So smart!

Of course you have to get featured on TV for this to work, but Sara Nelson Design's blog post got my attention.

Time Budget - I think this will be good for me at some point.

I would love to create a huge marketing add (on a budget).  Here is some great inspiration focusing on the topic of wasting water.

Promote yourself by educating others about your art.  This is an interesting perspective and one that I agree with (but had never really thought about).  I also plan to be leading more art (technique) classes for WOW this upcoming school year.  I am incredibly excited.  I wonder if I could lead a class that teaches people how to look at and appreciate art.  What a great idea.

The Art Biz Coach offers several posts packed full of marketing tips for Twitter and Facebook

Here are some of ETSY's tips.  These will work for other areas of selling art as well.


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