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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Top Ink Drawing Supplies

Here is a list of the ink drawing supplies that I take with me when I travel.  I don't always get to bring them all.  I also have a great watercolor kit as well.

1. Pen and Ink (duh!!)

 2. Kneaded erasers are the best  I sometimes use them to lighten up (just a little) washes or to create the appearance of an extra wash.  I also use it to clean up any pencil marks I may have left behind (although I tend to leave pencil marks)

3. Watercolor Paper or sometimes drawing paper

4. A brush for large spaces with a rounded tip - These brushes hold a large amount of water making it easier to wet a larger area

5. A brush with a straight flat tip - great for straight lines

6. A second brush with a slanted tip - great for curved lines

7. I use more water for the washes than I do ink

8. Misket, Frisket or other masking fluid - I'm still mastering this one.  I use it for small spaces that I want to keep white.

9. Sketchbook and sketches - I have been creating a large amount of composition sketches lately.  It is nice because if I don't have a subject to draw I can just create a composition and work on technique or a specific element/principle of art (ex. Maybe I would focus on unity and variety)

10. Waterbrush - I use this guy more when I am traveling and don't take much else...for example, backpacking or in a car.

11. A variety of pen tips - I don't use these much but I do every now and then for lettering

12. Paper towel - This may be one of the most versatile tools that I use

13. Watercolors - I have not mixed the two for quite some time, but I do have some quick flower sketches that utilize watercolor


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com