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Friday, October 26, 2012

13 Anti-Trafficking Resources

With estimates as high as 27 million slaves world wide and hundreds of thousands in the US it is obvious to me that much of my time needs to be spend on the topic of human trafficking.  Through research that has gone into my Lily Pads series I have found a vast array of resources addressing human trafficking and would like to share some of my favorite with you.

IJM - Simply put IJM is a human rights organization that aids in the rescue of trafficking and other victims.  IJM can be found on Facebook.  There are advocacy pages for many states that can update you with specific information for your state.  Find the Wyoming IJM Advocacy Group page here.  To find your state search "___________ IJM Advocacy Group."  If your state doesn't have one contact JusticeCampaign@ijm.org.

Photo taken in Art Alley, SD to use for inspiration.
Arts Aftercare - Arts Aftercare helps create art therapy kits to send to aftercare facilities throughout the world. Art is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to working with children, people who have experienced trauma, and when there is a potential language barrier.  Currently 10% (or more) of all my sales will go to Arts After care.  You can see more on the Arts Aftercare Facebook page.

JUBILEE - Curtis Romjue founder of Arts Aftercare is also a part of a not-for-profit band raising money for Arts Aftercare and other aspects of fighting slavery. You can find JUBILEE on Facebook.

Polaris Project - The Polaris Project has an international hotline that you can contact about all things trafficking.  They have several databases and registries for all of the state and provide a plethora of other resources including a variety of trainings.  As you read this enter their toll free number into your phone. 1-888-3737-888 Polaris Project Facebook

Truckers Against Trafficking - Truck stop prostitution plays a major roll in underage sex slavery, human trafficking, and underage prostitution in the US.   TAT Facebook page
Not For Sale - This organization is working on behalf of vulnerable communities and offers apps that allow you to check how products have been made. 
     Free2Work - This app grades brands on a A-F scale based on how they relate to child and forced labor.
     Slavery Map - Maps stories of slaves world wide
     The Underground Church Network - An invitation to all who have a faith based community.  There is a specific branch for the Jewish community.

End Slavery Now and the New Underground Railroad - Your organization, church, or you can be added to this list.

HumanTrafficking.org - This site has many resources.

XXXChurch.com or X3Church.com - Triple X Church helps people with sexual addictions.  Anything from porn stars and producers to the every day consumer.  Find XXXChurch on Facebook.

Obama's Speech on Trafficking

Here is a list of 7 organizations to follow on Twitter.

Many women's shelters, safe homes, police departments and other organizations have some training or knowledge on the topic.  Though there is a good chance that they are not fully qualified to handle a trafficking situation.

What are some of the most helpful resources you have found on human trafficking and sex slavery.


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