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Friday, October 5, 2012

Yellowstone Summer Inspiration

My Facebook profile says it all.  I had a blast in Yellowstone!!! Yellowstone National Park is one of the mot awe inspiring places I have ever been.  Though scientifically I have a basic understanding of how the colors and thermal features work, in reality I have no idea how the incredible place exists on this planet. 

In honor of the park I thought I would share a few posts of my photography from the trip (but you may need to wait a while).  Even though it is not extremely political or social justice-y it certainly applies to my art in a couple ways.

1. Protecting the environment and knowing how to treat the earth with respect when hiking or camping important.
2. The incredible beauty of creation plays a huge role in my spirituality.  I have always been a Christian and activities like camping, hiking, and snowboard really help me to connect with God.
3. My images from Yellowstone would work well for the background of a meme or handbill.  I have a variety of inspirational quotes I plan to illustrate.
4. There is always the possibility of using one of these photos in a graphic design or other project.
5. I took several Lily pad photographs while on the trip and as well all know (or if you don't know read my blog posts about water lilies a human trafficking) they relate to sex trafficking and human slavery in a variety of ways. 
6. And I am writing a proposal to possibly do some sort of project at Yellowstone in the future.  The project would likely involve educating people about the outdoors and creating plein air paintings on site.  We will see if anything comes of it.  Either way, I plan to return to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and will of course be inspired by the beauty once again.

How do the outdoors inspire you? 


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