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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creative Prompt #10: Make Lists

Some times when I feel less creative it is because I have too much clutter I am trying to keep straight in my head. One strategy that helps the mind stay organized and helps build creativity at the same time is creating lists. Writers do this a lot in their spare time. Graphic designers use many techniques including list creation in their brainstorming process.

Here are some tips for your list. If you have a strategy already in use please share.

Topic: I will create a list of ideas for your list.

Length: Some people say lists should always be at least 100 items (your brain starts to think on a more subconscious number when the lists are longer). I think that 5 is about the shortest list.

Now what: You can continue the lists. Pick a topic off of your list and make another list off of that. If you keep your lists they can serve as great resources later on.

1. Colors
2. Games
3. Holidays
4. Friends
5. Personality traits
6. Psychotic disorders
7. Super heroes
8. To do
9. Places
10. Books
11. Authors
12. Artists
13. Songs
14. Plays you have seen
15. People you would like to meet
16. People you would be nervous to meet
17. Pick a holiday and white words that go with that holiday
18. Make a how to list
19. Yoga poses
20. Creative ideas (you can then draw one later and use it as a creative prompt)
21. Art techniques you like
22. Drinks
23. Foods
24. Things you are thankful for
25. What makes you happy/sad/lonely
26. Emotions
27. Art Therapy projects
28. Blog post ideas/topics
29. Great tweets topics
30. Quotes (pick one word to stir your memory and look the actual quotes up later)
31. Items to upcycle

What lists topics have you used? I would love to see a shared list below.


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