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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creative Prompt: #12 Traveling Sketchbook

Book Art by Felicia Follum
Do you surround yourself by creative people? Have you ever passed a sketchbook back and fourth among friends? Well why not start one?!?

A traveling sketchbook is a fun way to be creative without needing to be too serious. Including friends who are creative in different ways can be great as well. A writer may create a list, a graphic designer may create a chart and a visual artist a sketch. The next person could either respond to the previous work or start a completely new idea. One person could also create a background or simply write one word. Make your own games or simply pass with no guidelines.

The image shows some of my old sketches as a part of a book I made using an Exquisite Corpse Haiku (each person in the group wrote one word and passed the poem to the next person) and surrealism style overall. I never thought I would actually us the images but they worked perfectly once scanned into Adobe Illustrator and layered.

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Have you ever passed a journal around? How did it work? What guidelines did your group apply to the project?


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