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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Creativity Prompt #11 - De-stress

Take a break from being creative and just be. I understand that when you are too busy it can feel like taking a break is the most stressful option possible. Truth is we are much more productive when we take care of ourselves. I'm not promoting a 6 or 7 hour break, but rather a 20 - 40 minute yoga session, spa visit, hot bath, reading or journaling (for fun), a run (a mile is plenty for me) or calling an old friend. Let's face it. However we choose to spend our quiet time every now-and-then we all need to unplug and just be.

A day at the beach, ocean, or pool is anything but stressful. 


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com