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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pay it Forward

Joinville from my window
We have all heard of various Pay it Forward (PIF) projects where you do something for people and they in return do something for someone else.
As a part of the US-Brazil Connect program I am required to complete a PIF project focused on culture or language. As an artist, I naturally chose to create and share some art. I am still working on this project and plan to for a little while, since my response to Brazil will be quite in depth and large and I still am not sure where it will go. I also expect my creative response to continue for some time.

My Project

I am creating artwork based on my experience in Brazil. Much of this work is in progress and still in sketch form. I have also been journaling a lot about Brazilian culture, my experience and Portuguese.
As of now some of the topics I am exploring include art, music, African diasporan culture, relationships between men and women, women’s roles, women’s beauty, religion, non-suggestive physical affection and more.
Joinville Rooftops

Artwork and Sharing

I created several drawings while I was in Joinville and had them in an exhibition in Brasilia for a month after. I am now taking these drawings and sharing them on YouTube and in my Blog. I will be uploading one or two short videos per day and creating a post every other week, so it is difficult to say when it will be finished. As I post them I will share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

How To Follow My Brazil Response

I also have linked several blog posts to US-Brazil Connect's website.

The part for this assignment that has been completed so far can be seen on my Art+ Blog and on my YouTube Chanel Felicia Follum. Check back regularly to see new additions. You can also see my art responses to India and other travel. Check in the side bar.



My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com