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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Art Lesson+ Resume

I am an artist and graphic designer. I moved to the Tri-Cities at the end of the summer after teaching art and English in Brazil for two months.

I spent the last two years teaching private lessons and teaching classes (art, yoga, blogging, language, etc.) to adults and youth with disabilities at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts.

I have a wide range of topics and levels that I can teach. I am especially interested in guided art exploration and cultural and travel inspired art. I love teaching book making, upcycling, watercolor, and drawing as well.

Please contact me if you or someone you know is interested in art lessons.
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Me with students and a guest for my Indian Culture class at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts

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Children's Art Competition, Vila do Boa, Brasil


University of Wyoming 2012
B.A. Art
B.A. Humanities and Fine Arts
African American and Diaspora Studies
Art History
Religious Studies
Minor in Graphic Design
GPA 3.5

Teaching Experience

Summer 2014

Artist Residency, Brasilia DF, Sao Sabastion, Goias, Brazil
Worked with Brazilian artists, cultural and art organizations in pavelas and poor communities
Guest panel speaker for various events
Worked with artists to prepare a group art exhibition

US-Brazil Connect Fellowship, Joinville, SC Brazil
Taught English to high school students for 1 month in Brazil
Online coaching two months before and after travel to Brazil
Worked with the Brazilian government and schools
Making paper beads with women and children in Haiti

2012 – 2014

Teacher at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts, Laramie, WY
Teach creative arts and language arts classes to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.


Afro-Caribbean Heritage Camp Art Instructor, Denver, CO
Led age appropriate art classes focused on “Sharing your Story”

Summer 2011

ArtsVan Teacher for Allied Arts of Yakima Valley Washington, Yakima, WA
Led art lessons with Spanish speaking children, often in low-income and gang neighborhood

Engage Haiti, Thaumazou, Haiti
Led art and English lessons with 30 - 40 non-English speaking children
Taught women and boys how to make paper beads

2009 – 2014 

Cathedral Home for Children, Laramie, WY Worked closely with an art therapist and residents Led therapy groups with youth Teach art lessons


English – Native Speaker
Portuguese, Sign Language – Working proficiency
Spanish, Hindi, Urdu – Beginner Proficiency  

Travel and Cultural Experience

Summer 2014

Art and Cultural Residency, Brasilia DF, Sao Sabastion, Goias, Brazil
US-Brazil Connect Fellowship, Joinville, SC Brazil
Working with a variety of students, artists, and educational institutes
Working with kids in Vila do Boa

Summer 2013

Art in India, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, India
Attended a preparation class in Spring 2013 to learn about the art, culture, languages, religion and life in India. Continued in depth study after returning.

Summer 2012

Arts Van, Yakima, WA
Traveled in and around Yakima teaching art to kids in the parks Worked in poor gang areas and wealthy parks and preapared Spanish speaking pre-k kids for school with basic English

Summer 2011

Engage Haiti, Port du Prince, Croix de Bouquet, Thaumazou, Haiti
Led art and English lessons with 30 - 40 non-English speaking women and children

Summer 2007 

Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, USA
Attended cultural events and lectures with respected elders

Summer 2005

Mexico Mission, Tecate and Tijuana, Mexico Volunteered at a boys Orphanage Visited a village, some local clay pot factories and sweat shops



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