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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Art Business New Years Resolutions for 2012

Artwork goals

     1. Have a new body of work ready to be submitted to the 234 Gallery.
         i. I would like to have a show (apply for a show) next academic school year in the 234 Gallery.
         ii. This body of work will focus on the broad topic of sex trafficking, human trafficking, sex slavery and/or the sex industry.
             a. See Human Trafficking to track my progress
     2. Create at least 5 posters that are not a part of the final trafficking show.
     3. Create at least 5 (total, not counting the flower drawings) posters or other artworks in response to Haiti. 
     4. Create 25 ink drawings, not involved in an exhibition or another project.  But can be personalized name drawings.
         i. Make 10 social justice related.
         ii. Sell 5.
     5. Create upcycling projects to sell on ETSY.
         i. Post my T-shirt Necklaces or scarves.
         ii. Find maybe two or three other projects (decide how much art should be on ETSY or if I should focus on upcycling).
        iii. Make an upcycling poster to tie my upcycling to my ay art...or discover another way to more clearly tie the areas together.  Although upcycling could really just be a hobby...
     6. Look into creating greeting cards, prints, and a 2013 calendar with my artwork.

Personal goals (that apply to art making)

      1. Continue to learn about social media marketing.
      2. Lead 3 lessons at the gallery (in addition to my current clients). If anyone out there wants to learn more about blogging and social media marketing for a small business (with a limited budget) let me know. If you have Facebook contact me via my Art Page or comment below.  I would also love to teach drawing, basic art, or a variety of other lessons and skill sets.
      3. Compile a mailing list - both personal and an art one both including email addresses and home addresses.

Networking goals

I plan to contact the following sites and ask for a guest post, or see if there are some options for me and my art : )

      1. Art social Art Political art blog – I have already had Grace is a Bit Queer and Incarceration featured on this blog.
      2. Art and Social - create a lesson plan
      3. Submit Make it Plain
      4. Social he(art)
      5. Look into submitting content to 6 of these sites (Why 6? I don't know)
Create a potential viral campaign – see my “go viral” post on the Works of Wyoming blog.  I am not sure what this will look like at all....but I would like to try.  I will post the process as it happens.

Thank People

    1. Thank my fans on FB
    2. Thank clients/customers
    3. Email clients monthly (OR SET A SCHEULE UP BY THE END OF THE YEAR)
    4. Organizational goals

Create a schedule 

Time spent doing each of the following…

a. Day job (currently WOW)
b. Creating art
    i. In class
    ii. Out of class
c. Marketing
    i. Online
    ii. Real world
    iii. Networking
d. research
    i. Trafficking
    ii. Other ideas
e. Inspirational research
f. free time (that is creatively beneficial)


     1. I’d Rather be In the Studio by the Art Biz Coach, Alyson B. Stanfield
        i. Create blog post for and work on all actions that apply.
     2. Read two other books for art inspiration.

Work goals (that apply to art making)

      1. Continue to develop my social medial marketing skill and knowledge
      2. Train 3 more clients or take on some personal clients (if funding for my position runs out)
      3. Create SEO tutorials


     1. Purchase and use a domain name.  Preferably FeliciaFollum.com
     2. Find a solution I am happy with.

Social Media Marketing Goals

     1. FB
        i. have between 300 and 400 likes. I am not sure what a realistic number is. If I reach this, I will shoot for 520, double what I currently have (260) .
        ii.Another Facebook goal is to create 3 professional notes about…
           a. Why I love working with people
           b. Why I love my current job
           c. Why I love giving lessons
           d. Why I am qualified to give art and SMM lessons
       iii. Edit my FB profile setting to the point that I am happy using it as a digital resume (that is pretty casual)
    2. Twitter
         i. Learn how to use it effectively
        ii. Put what I learn into action
        iii. Be able to train other artists
    3. blog
        i. Post at least weekly all year
        ii. Shoot for two to three posts/week
        iii. Research memes and linky parties to see if they are something I want to participate in
        iv. Update copyright information and Full Disclosure information (example from CreatingReallyAwesomeFreeThings.com)
    4. LinkedIn
        i. Update my profile (bi-monthly)
        ii. Learn how to use LinkedIn to promote my art
    5. ETSY
        i. Have an active store
        ii. Learn about groups and other ways to sell/promote using ETSY
    6. Squido
        i. Create a squido page on art and activism and maybe some other topics
    7. Pinterest
        i. Pin images at least twice/month
        ii. Pin images to my art or blog at least monthly
    8. SEO
        i. Try some basic tips…
        ii. Write posts about a variety of artists and social issues
        iii. Boost page views
        iv. Look into ifttt if this then that
        v. Look into a variety of social media sites and see how I can use them for self promotion and for training others.  Digg is one possibility.
        vi. Create a schedule that tells me when to post on what to post on various social media sites
             A. Include Pinterest, ETSY, LinkedIn (the ones I don't use regularly).  Maybe include all in case I stop using some.
             B. Keep track of success
             C. Keep track of memes and holidays that could be significant.

I will post my progress and changes (more specific goals) throughout this year...


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com