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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KONY 2012 Campaign Critique + Analysis

As I mentioned, I fully support what the guys from Invisible Children are doing and I am not going to jump on the bandwagon of “exposing” them…They have been pretty transparent for the past 10 years, at least in my opinion.

I am instead going to take more of a marketing and design approach to their campaign…
It is clear that the KONY campaign was well thought out.  I would like to look at some of the social media and marketing strategies used in the creation of this beautiful campaign.

Plan – The plan is the most important aspect of a viral campaign. Having the 20 “Culturemakers” and 12 “Policymakers” was well thought out. Having these people back your plan and begin to spread the message all at the same time via social media was wise.

Unity through KONY
Concept – The concept behind this being a presidential election, using red and blue coming together for a cause, and the various slogans all create a cohesive design.

Poster 1 – I immediately fell in love with the donkey and elephant coming together to create peace poster. The marriage of strong concept and beautiful design was certainly inspiring.  With the two sideds in politics there seems to be a split that many mainstream Americans want to bridge.  Few people are hardcore left or right.  Many people tend toward to middle, at least on some issues.  This campaign acknowledges that desire to meet in the middle and work together which many politicians seem to have forgotten.

Poster 2 – The Shepard Fairey poster was also wise. Fairey has a very recognizable style that has been associated with change, hope, and politics.

Poster 3 - I am not a huge fan of the "Cover the Night poster" because the handwriting font is difficult to read (though it is possible it was actually handwritten..Kudos if it was).  I do like the photo.
Zine Cover

Video – So far everyone I have seen bash the campaign does first comment on how well the video was made.

Grass roots – is a big deal right now…with the Occupy movements and other grass roots movements this campaign, though I am assuming it was not planned, took place at the perfect time. The zine and petition work well for the activists out there.

Event – All of this leads up to one event to raise awareness and support with the goal of making a difference.

These are just my current thoughts.  What do you think?  Is this a campaign well done?

Check out some of my KONY art and more of my thoughts on the campaign!


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