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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salon de Refuse: The Morning After

Me with fellow Student Art League (SAL) members. 

The work that was not accepted into the Student Juried Show all goes into what is called the Salon de Refuse. The Salon is hosted and set up by the Student Art League (SAL) at the University of Wyoming. As SAL president, I have put a lot of work into this excellent show (I did have a ton of help and would like to thank everyone who did help). There were around 200 works and right around 90 artists in the show.
I love watching people look at my work 

The opening event and theme for this year is The Morning After, since it will take place the morning after the opening and after party for the juried show.

See more about what Student Art League is doing on WOW's blog and on SAL's Facebook page.

Although The Morning After is no longer up you can still see one of my posters that made it into WOW's current show.


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