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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creative Prompt #14: Tattoo Design

Design a tattoo!

Whether you are seriously considering body art or not answer these questions.

If you were to get inked what would you get and where? Would it be color or black and grey? Why? What is something that is central to who you are? Is there a person you respect who you would like to honor?

If you are thinking about getting ink, write about why you want one and what it means to you. Is it as simple as liking beautiful art or as complex as representing your life story. Designing a tattoo does not mean that you or anyone actually needs to get the work done. I spent hours sketching ideas over the course of almost three years before actually committing. If your are considering a tattoo see the bottom of the post for more questions to consider.

If you are not considering getting inked you can still design some artwork or even a single heart or cross on you finger. 

More questions to consider (You can see my answers to these and more in a bit under the label tattoo)

Where are you at in life?

Are there any major life changes that will take place? Graduating high school? College? Marriage? Kids? Pregnancy?

Do you know what you want to do with you life?

If you want to be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or other profession that is maybe not as open to the idea are you willing to cover your tattoo?

Do you still live with your parents/grandparents or others who provide for you? What do they think?

How will your body art affect the way you are treated? 

What does your get tell you?

Can your afford it?


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