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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Batman Day! Dedicated to my Dad


Did you know that today is Batman Day?! (I know the Interobang would have been the appropriate punctuation mark to use, but I didn't.)

Holy blog post Batman! This is in honor of my dad who has always been a rather large fan of The Bat. Growing up with him I have of course been a fairly knowledgable fan, or addict as some would say since I was young. I have seen ever movie and TV show every made. Including some terrible home made videos of a large Batman running around WallMart and other such places.

I really do love all things Batman from the political graphic novels to the psychological thrill of Arkham Asylum (the game and the comic book).  The goal of this post is to share some Batman inspiration and fan art with you. (And if my mom can track down the photo I am looking for I will also share some man who shall remain nameless running around in a Holy Bat Suit.)

First of all here is my Pinterest.com board that I created for my dad for his birthday. My parents were moving and did not want anything so I decided to create this board and filled it full of readings and history on Batman. If you scroll to the bottom you will see these original posts but since I did take after my pops in many ways I continued to add to this board.

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