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Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoration Day

The window just above the flag is my studio.
Thanks to all of you who have fought for what you believe in and are fighting for justice in your country and abroad today.

Here are a variety of ways to celebrate Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day.

1. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen (when I was in high school 70% of the homeless population was made up of veterans)
2. Donate used items to a shelter or other organization designed to help get people back on their feet (fight the war against poverty in your own backyard)
3. Spend time with a veteran with a disability today (or an elderly friend/neighbor.)  Talk to him or her about how America has changed in their lifetime.
4. Make a gift basket, bake cookies, or cook supper for families with a parent overseas
Proud American
5. Collect funds for Soldiers Angels, donate to Veterans for Peace, or choose another organization you support.
6. Make artwork dealing with the flag.  If you are critiquing American culture or values try to stay positive today.  The image in this post is another example of art you can create as well.  A poster honoring a soldier is another possibility as well.

7. Take an immigrant out for coffee. Learn his/her story. People who escaped hardship, brutality, or other negative aspects of their home country often have an extreme sense of pride in America.
8. Journal about how your family came to America.  Most of us were immigrants at some point in time.
9. Pray for world peace, freedom and justice for all and be thankful for all that we do have in our country.
Another Proud (Beautiful) American

Do you have any family traditions for Memorial Day? If you do add them to my list. If not which idea above sounds the most intriguing?

Wether you have a BBQ, place flowers on a tomb, hold a flag, or hold a protest, I would suggest taking the day off and spending some time outside.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, however you choose to spend it!!!

God Bless America...

...and the rest of the world. 


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