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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love My Job!

I have enjoyed getting to know and work with these guys.
This summer I have been able to work part time for the Arts Van in Yakima. We travel around to a variety of parks and give art lessons to kids.

One of the parks has a large Spanish speaking population and many adorable kids, unfortunately, my Spanish is not great. The first week I was pretty shy (with speaking Spanish). About the third week I saw this little girl run from her house.  As she ran toward the park I shouted “Como Estas?”  “Bien,” she replied.

The older brother was so excited that I “was learning Spanish.” Since then, I have been practicing (and making a fool of myself).  The kids seem to appreciate the effort and enjoy helping me.
This art lesson is Papel Picado. We cut simplified traditional Mexican flags from tissue paper. The kids (and parents and older siblings) all had a blast.

 There are more photos of Papel Picado, the kids, and the ArtsVan below.

This art lesson was great for kids of all ages and was simple for us.

Here are some samples that I created.


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