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Monday, July 11, 2011

My artwork analysis

Fetus - Social and Ink
Last night I was given the opportunity to go on the Art Walk in Kennewick, WA. It offered a great opportunity to talk to some working artists. They all had excellent advice to offer. It was great timing too because I had just been talking to my husband about some of the specifics of improving my art that I am focusing on.

Currently, I know that I want to do art and I know some of my strengths. I am in-between knowing that I need to find a niche and being able to tell what that niche should be. Its almost like I have two areas of focus that are semi developed.

My favorite two areas to work with are “social justice graphic design posters” and “small intimate ink and wash drawings.” I am not sure how these areas will evolve or if I will focus on one for a while and then focus on another.

It is possible (and seems likely) that my niche will have more to do with style or concept than medium.

If it is style, I can see my work having a graphic style. By graphic, I am referring to a variety of graphic design historical styles produced by techniques such as printmaking and screen printing along with the computer and drawing. I am not quite sure how to describe this, but my training is in graphic design and my favorite form of graphic design is creating posters. I do think that a stencil style and screen-printing or printmaking style would fit in with this. This would make sense because I have been told by a print-maker that my ink drawings look like prints. The ink drawing, printmaking, screen-printing, and use of the computer would be a great way to generate a variety of work with a unique style. The variety of mediums will keep me from getting board with the computer, which is sure to happen.
Social Justice - See more

If my niche focuses on the idea of social justice and concept, I could see my body/ies of work all dealing with social issues. For example, my first show is going to include “social justice posters” and ink drawings that all deal with African American history and the impact of that history today.

Native American Series - See more
I suppose the third option (and arguably ideal option) would be a combination of the two, where each body of work has a unique concept but a similar style will carry throughout.  One way this could work is the use of text.  I tend to use text in a lot of my work.  Another way this third option could play out is that work inspired by social issues could give a percentage back to that community, issue, or organization. Is it also possible that combining the social factor could mean that I use art to work with people who respond best to the arts and struggle in other areas?

I know what my art goals are but the dilemma/struggle is how to go about getting there. Right now my best solution is to learn technique (practice brainstorming and take as many classes as I can) and generate artwork.


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