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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creative Photography: Weekly photo Challenge

This week's Weekly Photo Challenge is Creative Photographs

Fireworks in New Delhi India
Ella: Any reason is a good reason to shoot off fireworks in India...
Me (to Ella): Let's celebrate being in India by shooting off fireworks

One of my favorite days in Delhi was concluded by shooting off fire works and drinking King Fisher. 

In between touristy activities, time and workshops at Sanskriti Kendra, art galleries and museums we were able to spend time with two artists that my professors had lived next to and had gotten to know while they lived in New Delhi, Delhi, India. It was great for several reasons. It felt like it was a truly genuine Delhi experience. Also, Ella and Prashanto's neighbors had just moved out the day before we went to hang out so we even spent a couple days in our professors old house.

Before shooting fireworks we walked from their place to the market, bougt ingredients for supper, ate kabobs, visited the ATMs with AC, went into a couple temples, and even purchased drinks at the liquor store, which as women in Delhi late at night was quite the experience.  

After supper we shot fireworks and returned to where we were staying, beautiful Sanskriti.


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