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Monday, February 24, 2014

Instalation Inspiraiton

Felicia Follum Upcycled Instalation Art India
In a precious post I talked about the first two exhibitons that included my artwork inspired by India.

I am currently planning a third solo exhibition that I which will include work from both previous shows and several more pieces. I really want to play with creative hanging and installation techniques
Felicia Follum Upcycled Instalation Art India Inspired Art

Below are some instalation pieces that serve as my personal inspiration for what this work could morph into.

Installation art conveying an overwhelming atmosphere.

John Dahlsen Environmental Art

Govinda Prasad Sah Aza

Kate MccGwire

A Sun of Thread: 84 Miles of String Suspended at MIA by HOT TEA

The Dreamlike Installation Art Of Rune Guneriussen 

Climate Change Artistic Campaign: Tiny Melting Ice Men Sculptures by Nele Azevedo


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