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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Typography: English vs Devanagari

As a graphic designer whose strength lies in typography and a love of type and words, I am stoked to get better at both Hindi/Devanagari and Urdu scripts.

The Anatomy of Devanagari
by Folography.
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This is great! I absolutely love that I have a book at home that goes through these same terms with the English alphabet. There are of course some slight differences. Such as English doesn’t have a link but rather ligatures (mostly used in old English) and we have serifs rather than noses, cusps and hooks.

Caps and lowercase letters are also common in English making the x-height useful in a different way making the ascenders and descenders a bit more dramatic in Hindi. This is graphically the one aspect of Hindi/Devanagari script that I am not excited to work with.

I still have a long ways to go before I can start practicing with Urdu script and really using the Hindi alphabet.

Te read more about Hindi/Urdu/Devanagari be sure to check out HindiForChristmas.blogspot.com, my blog about how I am learning the Hindi language.  To see more of my India inspired art and more script check out my India Inspired Art section of this Blog.


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