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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My First Book - Using All Upcycled Materials

I have wanted to learn how to make art books for several years.  I finally decided that books could make excellent Christmas gifts and decided to look into creating them. 

I used these two tutorials (1 and 2) for the basic understanding but made up my own rules.

I wrapped watercolor paper with magazine pages for the cover and used engineering paper for the filler paper. I might still decoupage the cover or keep it for a reference in the future. I think that purchasing some fancy paper would be benefical especially if I want to use the books for gifts. Fancy paper would also be good for paper beads. I will show you about paper beads at some point.
Simplified Steps

  1. Gather materials (all materials can be found around the house)
    1. a. A thick material for a cover and something to wrap the cover with.
    2. b. Glue
    3. c. String, lace or hemp
    4. d. Filler paper
    5. e. Something to make holes
  2. Create folds or cuts in the thick material where you want to binding to fold Wrap the cover like a present
  3. Cover the seems with a photograph.
  4. Punch holes in paper and cover
  5. String together

Here are some photos of my first practice book.

Front Cover

Inside Left

Inside Right

Back Cover
My next step is to gather better materials and try one that is a bit more professional.

Some other book ideas to try
Star book
Concertina book


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