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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why is Papyrus bad?

I have been looking at some logos lately that all use Papyrus and have been wondering why it is used so often and why it is so bad.  I have been taught that papyrus is evil.  The best reason is because a good designer should be able to create texture and doesn't need to use a typeface that is texture.  I know this explanation doesn't make the most sense.

I personally think that Papyrus is overused and the design surrounding it often posses the same earthy feel. 

I really liked what Ryan Stemkoski had to say about the font in Please Papyrus Don't Hurt 'Em. 

It could be a fun project to redesign some logos that all use Papyrus.  I think that my first redesign project will be my church's logo.  I do think that the design works for our church but I still think that it could be improved.  I also really like the concept behind the name Emmaus Road.  I would like to try to portray more of the story than the currently logo currently does.


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