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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Urban Art+ Studio Mini Garden

Even though we have the best apartment in Laramie, I would argue that there are some pitfalls to every great thing.  One of ours is that we have little to no natural lighting, forcing my husband and I to plant our urban garden in my art studio.  (My studio space is actually in our apartment building on the same floor and everything, so its not a big deal at all.)

I purchased some starter plants from a local greenhouse.  An older lady starts all of her plants in her garden at home and sells them.  This was great to know because it means they all grow well in Laramie.  Each small planter was $1.  8 plants for $8, not bad.

For the planters I used some plastic containers the lady at the green house gave me.  I will be taking the leftovers back. 

I also had some wood drawers that were from an old paint desk, from the old Fine Arts building.  Another student had used these drawers for an art project which I later found next to a dumpster.  Upcylcing and urban gardening in one shot!

Here you can see our plants from above.  In the back there are three pepper plants, two Cute Stuff and 1 Hottie.  In the front we have the spices, parsley, dill, mint, chocolate mint, and one more that I just forgot.
Do you have an urban garden you would like to share? Any tips? What plants do you grow? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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