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Friday, June 1, 2012

Backpacking Art Kit

I am currently packing up for a backpacking trip. It has been too long, almost 3 years since my last trip, and the last couple weeks, arguably months, have been way too busy, stressful, and painful for my own good.

I photographed some of my supplies figured I would share my traveling art supplies that I will be taking on this trip. I took a similar set to Haiti with me.

Keep reading to see what is inside this little guy...

Watercolor kit. and my spoon, knife, fork combo
I love my traveling watercolor kit.  I even take it to church most Sundays.  It is small and contains everything I need, though as you can see below I take some extra brushes.  I guess I am high maintenance. I also added some extra colors and a kneeded eraser.


My blog and website have moved. Be sure to check out www.Feliciafollum.com