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Thursday, May 31, 2012

University of Wyoming Art Faculty

some of the girls at the potluck and student roast an
I wanted to thank my wonderful professors at the University of Wyoming! I have had an amazing experience here and owe much of it to a wonderful department. We just finished the annual potluck for graduating seniors. All of the seniors and faculty have dinner, drinks and a toast. It was wonderful to hear what profs had to say about not only myself but all these other people whom I have spent so much of my past few years with.

Jenny Venn – It was great to hear Jenny speak. She said it best that “we have clashed at times but we really are the same person.” Jenny and I both have a stubborn fighting personality and we will fight for what is right no matter what it takes. I would like to thank Jenny for the time and effort that she puts into her students as well as the faith that she has in us. The graphic design emphasis (or minor) is more work than the graphics major at many other schools and though this causes a ton of stress it also is why the University of Wyoming kicks butt at all the out of state competitions we attend. Thanks Jenny!

Pat Kikut – I have worked with Pat for the past couple years with Student Art League. (He is the advisor for SAL.) Traveling with Pat and getting to know him better has been wonderful. He has become one of my favorite artists (people) in that he is a genuine caring person who is outgoing.  I love that he had a gallery in his back yard, invites students over, and knows so many fascinating artists.  He seems to know everyone (people who are big deals) and it is because is genuinely a great guy. His girlfriend Tracy has been great to get to know as well. Tracy thanks for all the great talks and food.

More of the UW Art seniors
Pat also makes great margaritas for SAL members.

Doug Russell – I have had professor Russell for Drawing I, II, III and Life Drawing. All have been great classes. He is the one who introduced me to ink drawing and really encouraged me to push my art.

Ricki Klages – This semester is the first time that I have been able to take Ricki for a class and it was definitely one of the best classes I have taken. Watercolor is now one of my favorites mediums to work with.   Ricki's keen sense of color and technical understanding of painting is incredible. Out of nowhere she can ramble off the proportions and colors you should mix to paint denim or a tree.

Mark Ritchie – Mark is another professor I have wanted to take my entire time at the University of Wyoming and was finally able to my senior year. The first few weeks of my book arts class I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge, skill and technique that he had to share. I certainly plan to go back to his class room and play around with materials and printmaking once I graduate.  Mark and his wife Leah (also an art professor) are two people I am really hoping to get to know better even after graduation.

Ashley Hope Carlisle – Ashley has been great to get to know and I am sad that I still have not taken her sculpture classes though I would still love to learn more about installation art from her, maybe I will get a chance to sneak into some of her classes in the future.

Dr. Lisa Hunt - Dr. Hunt helped me to really love Art History with our shared passion for the religious symbolism and love for books.

Diana Baumbach – It was great getting to know Diana (and Shelby) while working on my intership at Gallery 211.

One of the great things about the Art Department at the University of Wyoming is how close I (and other students) have gotten to the professors and staff...I look forward to keeping touch and seeing where life takes these wonderful and inspiring artists and thank them for the influence they have had in my life.


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