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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 Studio Organization Tips (and1 Inspiring Photo)

Image inspiration from Decor on a Dime
I have some great news regarding Felicia Follum Art+.  I am finally getting a studio space.

Now that I am graduating and no longer have unlimited access to the Visual Arts building and storage I will need another space to work.  The small office space that we have is no longer large enough for the supplies, my work and me.  I am ecstatic about finding the solution to these challenges and am committed to having a studio that functions as a space for me to be creative and to create.

I will be sure to share photos here and on Facebook...For those of you in the Laramie area, I am planning a Studio Warming/Open Studio event of some sort as well.

Below are the top 7 tips that I plan to use as inspiration to help me accomplish my studio organizational goals.

1. Creative people like their storage to be beautiful and fun just like everything else in their life.  A post featuring 5 tips for creative organization can be found at Bubby and Bean.

2. Group like things together
3. Use your space effectively.  As you can see in the image from Decor on a Dime every bit of space is used well.  Though my workspace is no longer the size of a walk-in closet, it is not huge and it will be important to take advantage of the space available.
4. It is ok to leave your studio messy every now and then. I found this great post about "organizing your studio once and for all" on the Cloth, Paper, Scissors blog.
5. Pintest has served as a fantastic source of inspiration.  You can see my Studio/Office Space pin board here.
6. Less is more.  Of course we need to keep all of our supplies, but if we can do without a piece of furniture, it may be better to have the floor space (especially if you are like me and like to stretch while siting and reading or working on the floor)
7. Use small uniform containers like you can see in this video


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